Have you been called to help children on Orphan Sunday?

waiting childrenThere is an orphan crisis in our world right now.  There are 132 million children without families and 95% of those orphans are over the age of 5, and here is the problem – over 60% of adopted children are under the age of 5 when they join their new families. No one is adopting the older children, and they wait for years in orphanages and foster care where they suffer from the lack of attention that a permanent family can provide.

On November 3, 2013 the world will join together to learn about the millions of orphans around the world who are waiting for a loving and permanent family. Spence-Chapin is joining the Orphan Sunday movement to bring awareness to the many children who are living in orphanages and waiting for their adoptive parents to find them.

Join us for an adoption webinar on Orphan Sunday. Two of our social workers will be hosting this meeting; we will share information about our adoption programs in South Africa, Colombia and Bulgaria, and leave plenty of time for your questions.

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