NYC Pride March 2018: Save the Date

Spence-Chapin staff and community have participated in the NYC Pride March for a few years and always have a memorable experience! We’re thrilled to be walking in the March alongside LGBTQ parents, their families, and their allies again on June 24th and we invite you to join us!

There are multiple exit points throughout the march. Come walk with us for a few blocks or the entire route! Meet us at 120 Park Avenue – NW corner of 41st. Time TBD.

Marching contingents are given check-in and step-off times. We will wait in the formation area near Grand Central Station for about 2 hours before our group officially enters the march. If you join us, we encourage you to bring food, water, sunscreen, and other necessities. There are portable relief facilities and water filling stations at several points within the formation area.

We are located in the front of the middle section of the March. This means less time waiting in the formation area.

The march typically takes 60-90 minutes to travel from formation to dispersal area (near Stonewall Inn).

We are going to have a fun and rewarding day in the sun! It’s amazing to hear from spectators along the route about how they are connected to the adoption community.

All are invited to join us as we celebrate the LGBTQ community so bring your closest friends and family members.

Email to learn more and sign up!
To contact us on the day of the event call: 917-885-1477.